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LoonerTube is the website dedicated to relatively little but very elite looners community. Every single day many new balloon fetishists from all over the world discover this site and most of them become frequent guests looking for fresh videos and images.

Nowadays adult Internet is something completely different than most of us would want it to look like. There are so many sources of online adult materials, that the "typical" paysites market is seriously hit by free sources sharing their copyrighted content. Lots of content producers and providers decided to fight against such websites to have their content removed, but we all know that this war is very time/cost consuming and in the end leads to nowhere. If you find your copyrighted works published on free tube, forum, file sharing or similar site, you can DMCA the admins and, if properly done, in most cases it will get deleted sooner or later. However, it is already most probably also shared on thousands of other places.

This market state created also producers, who decided not to waste their resources on this war but instead go ahead and profit from it. They noticed, that free tubes are growing rapidly and can become great advertising place. Our Content Partnership Program is dedicated to those people and organizations.

How does the Content Partnership Program work

If you have a paid membership site (paysite) you also most probably have the affiliate program behind it (ccbill, nats, verotel, etc.). All we need is the link to your affiliate program so we can sign up as your regular affiliate. Once it is done, your basic tube member account will be upgraded and all your uploaded materials will also have clearly visible (clickable) link to your site and/or banner below the player (if provided). We also encourage, that for each uploaded material you mention your site name in the title and description, so it gets much better ranking in search engines.

Of course in case of tube sites, well done, attractive, long and fresh materials are much more appreciated by the community and usually grab much more attention. It is up to you, what do you want to share for optimal profit, but we suggest that your videos are not shorter than 3 minutes and in decent quality. You may also consider to upload your older videos in full length.

If you have some kind of paysite or content store but you do not want to implement the affiliate program, there is still chance we will allow for our Partnership Program. In this case we will expect that your uploaded materials are very attractive to our visitors (longer videos, better quality etc.).

If you need any further information, suggestions or help, please do not hesitate to contact us thru the contact form.